Photos by Doc

Doc is Brendon Holt, Ph.D. From Tucson, Az

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Photos by Doc
Event Photographer in Southern Arizona

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Photos from the PV LTC portrait events can be 
Viewed and purchased at my web storefront

For every photo purchased, 
about 50% of the cost is returned to the troop.

Photo / Item Type


Fund raising amount













Mouse pad



11 oz. Mug (white)



11 oz. Mug (black)



15 oz. Mug (white)



Photo magnet 3.5x5



NOTE: Prices valid for the 1st 30 days after posting.  
Fundraiser will be from 15th January to 15th March, 2011
Photos will still be available after March 15, but at a higher cost.

1) Pose for picture

2) Select picture from website

3) Photos mailed to your house

PV LTC Fundraising